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hah [Dec. 5th, 2010|12:48 pm]
[mood |lovedlovey dovey poopy puvey]

So I asked HIM to be my boyfriend. Surprising to me, but he changed my mind. He asked me to be his girlfriend like 3 times over the summer and I turned him down, but once I realized that he's the only one I want anyways... and that he probably won't ask me again... I took him out to dinner and told him that I realized he's the only one I really want right now anyways and if he still wants to be my boyfriend I'd like it. Nicest, silliest, most adorable guy I know. Weird. I thought no one would ever change my mind. Hahah he makes me laugh he's such a big fuzzy teddy bear... seriously.

Ew I had a dream that pissed me off the other night though. I was FINALLY having an actual good sex dream... that never happens (they are either akward in the strangest way possible... Example: I'm giving head and the penis grows super long and weird with every movement... or I get too excited when it gets to the good part and I wake up lol >_<). Mmmm in this dream I couldn't see anything yet cuz I had my eyes closed, but it sure felt good. Then I think of Dean and realize that this doesn't feel like him and he's my boyfriend, which means this should not be happening, so I opened my eyes to tell him to stop and this guy was seriously like.... hoooooooooot as fuuuuuuck and I had NO idea who it was but damn I was upset when I woke up like oh come on I was DREAMING!!! That wouldn't have been cheating! *sigh* he was so beautiful...

Well, I was just wishing I was 18 again and realized Beverly is 18!! Awww. I'm gonna take her out to Ann Arbor... or maybe Lansing while I'm at it now that I think about it... well no, I want to take her while I'm on christmas break and it will be dead then I think. Not sure. Either way, we are going to have a night on the town OOOOH AND MAYBE SHE CAN EVEN COME WITH ME FOR NEXT WEEKEND GIRL'S NIGHT!!! With mah ladies we gonna go dancing at shitty club and get waaaasted.! Hellz yea. Well, I guess I should hop in the shower and get my day going.