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No, I cannot rhyme. [Sep. 8th, 2010|10:28 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

With our buildings reaching higher than the clouds sail
Pavement racing through the grounds where beauty should be
Plastic bags and paper crumbs dust this wasteland of humans
Humans that destroy love, eachother, and themselves
We press through going every which way in a spurratic way, adding to the chaos that consumes our world bit by bit.

Helpless we are, due to the fact there are too many
And what do we do to stop ourselves?
One more life, one more destruction
How much does it matter?
Do the math and see for yourself.

But sometimes the heavens peek through the holes in our sky to illuminate what lies below,
And I can see a glimpse of beauty in this city wasteland
Before the clouds roll in and people start their chatter
It goes unnoticed as the phones ring and cars beep
Alarms ring and time goes on on structured wheels

"No one cares for the woods anymore", said Treebeard as he walks through what's left of his woods, the Ent, the Treehearder
The orcs burnt down half of his forest for war and evil
What's left but a few?

Trees can't stand and move,
Trees can't throw rocks and open the floodgates to rid the world of destruction
If only they could.