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Too Many Fucking Zombies... [Sep. 8th, 2010|01:48 pm]
[mood |stressedNO MORE ZOMBIES!!!]
[music |My bird chirping]

How many zombie dreams can I have in my lifetime? Seriously. ONE more last night?? Always a crazy night when zombies are involved. Dude... it started out and I was 9 years old in a classroom, when I decided I needed a shower and all of a sudden I was NAKED so I ran to go find one at that point... but I slipped and bumped my head once I got to one. I went into a coma, and woke up at about my age now and I was on a couch in a house with no windows. Really confused I sat up and found I had grown up a bit and Bev came running in the room "YOU'RE AWAKE!!!" and hugged me and talked about how we moved because of the zombies... paused... and said oh yeah, you don't remember them you've been asleep for a long time. I was like ZOMBIES?!?! And why do I remember bits of highschool and college?? Maybe they were dreams then?? But the thought of Zombies had me too much on edge to care... every corner of the house freaked me out like they were gonna pop out. You never know. Bev started to play with neon ants that were green, yellow, blue... just weird... unnatrual so I started to kill them and I said "WHAT IF THESE ARE ZOMBIE ANTS?!?!" but I guess that was kinda mean cuz she started to cry. I was scared though, and i had just woken up from a 12 year coma, so I was a little freaked!! Besides, she was playing with them on our bed, which just shouldn't happen.

We needed food, so we left the apartment complex with no windows to get in the car. Packed up our guns and got ready to shoot animals out the window. Of course the car has to break down so we start going through the tall overgrown grass to hide from potential prey and zombies. But who finds us? ZOMBIES!!! And they weren't stupid slow "uuuuung" ones. Ooooh no. They were brown and alien looking, kinda like from Dead Space (I will never play that game again now...). They spotted us... and started to creep at us slowly like a preditor stalking it's prey and I was like ooooooh shiiiiit!!! I got Mom's attention so they SCREAM HISSED all high pitch with spit strands flying from their mouth as they LUNGED and ran at high speeds to attack!!! I shot and killed 2, but a 3rd one wouldn't fucking die even though I shot it like 5 times and it ATE MY ARM!!! I turn into a zombie suddenly... which sounded like switching on your sense as a wolf in Zelda Twilight Princess except looked a little more windy... and the zombies looked like people again, except really blue and clear with white eye sockets and no eyeballs. The one that ate me was a guy who looked about 26, but he had dried blood all over him and mine dripping from his chin. He said "There's no more food left here. Everyone move out!".

At this point I really didn't know what to do. I didn't want to add to the zombie population, but should I starve myself? I was considering it... and I saw them attack a cow. My dream got all up close in it's scared face and I heard it MOOOO all freakylike and then I woke up lol...

I don't feel very well rested today.